Windsor - Essex County ( Canada )

How we do what we do

We are here to assist

Our volunteer teams work in close liaison with organizations abroad to deliver goods and services by providing the necessary tools and resources to rebuild their communities.


Community Outreach

Our migrant workers outreach provides laborers with basic knowledge of their new environment, ESL studies, access to healthcare, vaccine education and counselling for mental health. ACRT understands that our senior citizens outreach is an integral part of our community. We aim to listen and respond to their needs by delivering programs for vitality and thriving in retirement. Life coaching, dance, exercise, gardening, talent showcase, movie night and nutritious food bank program.

Health & Wellness

ACRT has carried out over 35,000 HIV rapid tests. Our mobile clinic allows us to deliver vitamins and supplements and the opportunity to screen people for different diseases in rural areas where clinics, hospitals and medicines are not easily accessible. ACRT provided PPE for migrant workers in Essex County during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as vaccine education and transportation to vaccination clinics.

Disaster Relief

Following a natural disaster we provide affected villages with the necessary support for immediate and long-term needs of their community.
Bahamas - Hurricane Dorian

working on solutions

Migrant Women Farm Workers initiative (MWFWi)

This 30-month government funded project will support a response and recovery from the current impacts of COVID-19 through systemic change.  Active Care Response Team will achieve this by identifying key issues and barriers which prevent Migrant Women Farm Workers (MWFW) from fully participating in decision-making and leadership roles. Through research of current legislation, policies and practices as well as stakeholders input, we will make recommendations for change and develop an action plan to address these issues. Throughout the process we will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our Action Plan relying on our community partners and stakeholders to provide feedback on measurable change, progress and program effectiveness.


At the end of the project, Active Care Response Team will have contributed to addressing the systemic barriers by advancing inclusive policies and practices and increasing networks and collaboration to accelerate structural change to support women’s equality.


Research Project Findings