For over 10 years our primary focus has been on HIV/AIDS prevention and screening. Going forward we are equally focused on all program areas.


Provide Care


Capacity building in the community by assisting low-income seniors, health and education programs that target youth and HIV screenings for thai migrant workers.


  • We Provide direct point of care services to Africa, Carribeans, Central America, North/South America, South Asia, and are continuosly expanding to other areas.
  • Supporting sustainable community initiatives, health, and disaster relief


What We DO

  • HIV - education, counselling, free screening
  • Point of Care - Mobile Clinic
  • Sexual Reproductive Health Education

How we are HELPING

ACRT has carried out over 35,000 HIV point of care testing to help eradicate the crisis of AIDS globally. Our mobile clinic allows us the opportunity to screen people for different diseases in the rural areas where clinics, hospitals and medicines are not easily accessible.

We believe that EDUCATION is the most powerful investment which we can use to change the world. Whether we are teaching HIV prevention to schools, law makers, faith based around the world.


ACRT advocates for:

  • HIV/AIDS prevention and also mother to child transmission.
  • Health rights and wellbeing of girls and women.
  • Prevention of maternal and infant deaths.
  • Sexual Reproductive Health education for males and females to gain a better understanding.
  • Maternal and infant Mortality prevention


How we are HELPING

After disaster ACRT recognizes the importance of providing the displaced and affected with the necessary tools and resources to empower communities to become independent.

Community empowerment initiatives

Successfully IMPLEMENTED

  • Barbuda: Provided basic hygiene kits, food, kerosene vouchers, clothing and medicine.
  • Nepal/India: Mobile clinic, provided school supplies for orphanage and building reconstruction projects.
  • Haiti: Healthcare, assisted hiv orphanage and community/school building.
  • Thailand: Provided source of clean drinking water.
  • Guyana: Mobile clinic, clothing, school supplies, furniture, computer and printer to Rumveldt HIV/AIDS orphanage.
  • Bolivia: Mobile clinic, donation of food and resources to HIV/AIDS village, HIV/AIDS education and screening to La Paz students, medicines and eye glasses to the villagers in Andres Mountains. Bicycles to improve commutes and communication
  • Nigeria: HIV/AIDS education and screening, mobile clinic, Sexual reproductive health education, Hospital bill payments for HIV/AIDS patients, Maternal and infant clinics
Other community empowerment initiatives include;
Co-op farming, (livestock and equipment), micro finance and employment assistance


Windsor and Essex County

How we are helping in our local COMMUNITY

Senior Citizens

ACRT understands that our SENIOR CITIZENS are an integral part of our society because of their numerous contributions and as such we must listen to their needs and provide a platform for them to thrive. We have these classes for our seniors: Life coaching, dance, exercise, gardening, talent showcase, movie night, adult and kids reading time and nutritious food bank program.


We encourage our STUDENTS and YOUTHS to become Volunteers, learn how to give back as they change the world one individual at a time and provide capacity building through student employment, volunteerism and fundraising events.

Thai Migrant Workers

ACRT provides Thai migrant workers with basic knowledge of their new environment, English language, mobile clinic and sessions to help with their mental health.



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